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Quality Checkup Site Visit

The Quality Checkup requires two or more evaluators and occupies two or more days on campus.  Goals of the AQIP Quality Checkup Site Visit are affirming the accuracy of the organization’s online Systems Portfolio and verifying information included in the portfolio; reviewing with organizational leaders Action Projects and strategies identified to capitalize on the strengths and opportunities for improvement; assuring continuing organizational quality improvement commitment; confirming the institution’s compliance with accreditation expectations and counsel the institution concerning any issues that require immediate attention; and reviewing and updating the relationship between the institution and the Commission (information adapted from; get more information about the Quality Checkup).

On Oct. 24-26, 2007, the Higher Learning Commission sent a Quality Check-up team to visit our campus. The two member team met with stakeholders across campus as well as in the community to meet the goals described above. To view a copy of the visitors report, please click here.