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Systems Appraisal

The Systems Appraisal is a review of the institution's Systems Portfolio conducted by a team of Commission-trained, experienced Reviewers knowledgeable about quality. The team, through consensus, generates a detailed Feedback report the institution can use as it plots its future quality Strategies and plans for its next Strategy Forum.

The AQIP Systems Appraisal is a consistent, cost-effective process designed to provide an AQIP organization with professional feedback representing the consensus view of a team of higher educators and others experienced in continuous quality improvement and systems thinking. The process begins when an organization submits its Systems Portfolio for review, and ends 12 weeks later with the delivery of a 35-45 page Systems Appraisal Feedback Report that includes three components:

In addition, the team will provide the organization with a potentially publishable two-three page Appraisal Summary that captures the team's appraisal of the organization's developmental maturity on each of the nine AQIP Categories (information adapted from; more information about the appraisal).

The University of Indianapolis received its first Systems Appraisal in October 2006.  A copy of the feedback is below.

University of Indianapolis Systems Appraisal October 2006
248 KB, 48 pages