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AQIP Categories

The nine AQIP Categories provide a framework against which colleges and universities can examine their processes.  These categories are the basis for the Systems Portfolio.  View more information about the categories.

The nine AQIP Categories are:

Category One: Helping Students Learn
Identifies the shared purpose of all higher education organizations, and is accordingly the pivot of any institutional analysis.  This category focuses on the teaching-learning process within a formal instructional context, yet also addresses how your entire institution contributes to helping students learn and overall student development. 

Category Two: Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives
Addresses the processes that contribute to the achievement of your institution’s major objectives that complement student learning and fulfill other portions of your mission.

Category Three: Understanding Student’s and Other Stakeholders’ Needs
Examines how your institution works actively to understand student and other stakeholder needs.

Category Four: Valuing People
Explores your institution’s commitment to the development of your faculty, staff, and administrators since the efforts of all are required for institutional success.

Category Five: Leading and Communicating
Addresses how your institution’s leadership and communication structures, networks, and processes guide your institution in setting directions, making decisions, seeking future opportunities, and building and sustaining a learning environment.

Category Six: Supporting Institutional Operations
Addresses the variety of your institutional support processes that help to provide an environment in which learning can thrive. 

Category Seven: Measuring Effectiveness
Examines how your institution collects, analyzes, and uses information to manage itself and to drive performance improvement.

Category Eight: Planning Continuous Improvement
Examines your institution’s planning processes and how your strategies and action plans are helping you achieve your mission and vision. 

Category Nine: Building Collaborative Relationships
Examines your institution’s relationships – current and potential – to analyze how they contribute to the institution’s accomplishing its mission.